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We make scripted shows, movies and branded content with the same perfect blend of talent, audacity and heart that we would use to make malts—if we made malts...



we were movie nerds before

we even knew about girls;

Because . . .


We find an idea. Sometimes it's ours,

sometimes it isn't.

the more we make movies, the more we wanna change the way they're made;


the more we watch them, the more we feel and understand the power they have to influence good;


the more we live the more

inspired life makes us.

We assemble the best team possible with the groundswell of talent we've been tirelessly working to find since setting foot on LA pavement.

We work. And we mean work our asses off. Like the world is collapsing but we keep working kind of work. We'll call it: roll-up-your-sleeves-and-don't-stop-until-it's-flipping-GREAT WORK.

the more we create the more fulfilled we feel when even a tinge of that inspiration can be canned-up and shared for all to see and connect with.



We share and sell the damn thing so we can do it all again.


We foster scripted shows, commercials and feature length films from development

through post production and distribution, OR, we just do what's needed.

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